Lost world

A Bosnian Family History

Omslag LR

Verloren wereld

Een Bosnische familiegeschiedenis

Cossee Publishers, Amsterdam, 2014, 336 pages

The Hidden Order

A Journey of Exploration Along the Prime Meridian

Cover of The Hidden Order (Dutch edition)

  • De Verborgen Ordening
  • Een ontdekkingsreis langs de nulmeridiaan
  • Cossee Publishers, Amsterdam, 2010, 397 pages


Cover of Longing

  • Verlangen
  • Cossee Publishers, Amsterdam, 2002, 237 pages

The Lost Island

Alone Among the Fruitful and Multiplying

  • The lost Island
  • Alone among the Fruitful and Multiplying
  • Metropolitan Books, New York, 2004, 244 pages

The Lost World of the Berberović Family

Cover of The Lost World of the Berberović Family (Dutch edition)